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Camera Sacra & Mala
The Sacred and the Evil easily awaken images of something absolute and self-explanatory. What one respects as something sacred, however, can be evil in the eyes of another. Camera Sacra & Mala -events invite you to consider these concepts from another perspective and challenge you to re-evaluate your own values and meanings. The focus will be on everyday matters easily ignored, but still penetrated by significances – in another words, on individually defined spaces of the Sacred and the Evil. The project is actualized by the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies of the University of Turku and the Artists’ Association Arte.

The Camera Sacra & Mala events are arranged as a part of the 876 Shades of Darkness project. The events are part of the official Turku 2011 Culture Capital programme.

All the events will be held in Finnish only.

Additional information:
The work-group of the Camera Sacra & Mala
Tel. +358 40 871 0503

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I The Reflections of Sacred and Evil – Photography Workshop
23 September – 13 November 2011

In the workshop the participants will submerge themselves into the everyday life filled with values and meanings by the means of photography. In addition to the lectures of the Studia Generalia -series and the city walks, the themes of The Sacred and the Evil will be examined during two intensive weekends (23–25 September and 12–13 November). During the workshop the participants will produce a series of photos that represent their individual spaces of the Sacred and the Evil. At the end of the workshop a collaborative exhibition will be assembled. Couples and families are also welcome to participate as groups. Only one course fee will be charged for such groups.

Instructors of the workshop are Nina Kokkinen, photographer and MA researcher in religious studies, and Paula Väinämö, artist experienced in community art projects. The registrations of maximum 15 participants or small groups will be approved for the workshop. Course fee €50.

Registrations before 10 Sept 2011 to +358 40 871 0503 or

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II Studia Generalia Lecture Series: In Search of Sacred, Evil and Dreams - Encounters in the Dark
Wednesdays 6 pm - 8 pm, 28 Sept - 26 Oct 2011

For each lecture, two experts from the University of Turku Department of History, Cultural Research and Art Studies will consider the different real and imaginary states of good and evil. The lectures are open to all and admission is free. The lectures are held in University of Turku, Lecture hall Janus, Sirkkala campus, Artium, 1st floor (Kaivokatu 12).

28 Sept 2011
  • Antti Lindfors, B. A., Folkloristics: Valon politiikkaa, pimeyden poetiikkaa
  • Nina Kokkinen, M.A. (Art and Design), Comparative Religion: Pyhän ja pahan piirtoja taiteessa
5 Oct 2011
  • Professor emerita Annikki Kaivola-Bregenhöj, Folkloristics: Yön ihmeet: kertomuksia unista
  • Professor Altti Kuusamo, Art History: Suojelusenkelit pimeässä
12 Oct 2011
  • Professor Maunu Häyrynen, Landscape Studies: Maiseman pimeä puoli
  • Professor Hannu Salmi, Cultural History: Pimeyden sävyjä valkokankaalla
19 Oct 2011
  • Teemu Immonen, M.A., Turku Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (TUCEMEMS), General History: ”Luolan suulla loistaa valo”: Mielen kuvia keskiajan erakkohengellisyydestä
  • Pekka Tolonen M.A., Comparative Religion: Keskiajan inkvisitio – pimeyden ydin?
26 Oct 2011
  • Docent Olli Löytty, Finnish literature: ”Pimeä maanosa” suomalaisessa kirjallisuudessa
  • Outi Hakola Ph.D., Media Studies: Pimeys kauhuelokuvissa: kuolema saapuu öisin

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III On the Corners of the Sacred and Evil - City Walks
29 – 30 October 2011

Welcome to re-map the city space and streets stigmatized by different values! Condemnation of the old buildings and the opposing of meeting places of different religious groups, for example, have lately been raising debates. These kinds of conversations draw a certain map of values, where the focal points of the Sacred and the Evil cross each other – and sometimes even clash. The price for walks is 5 € / each.
  • Starting point for the Corners of Evil on Saturday 29 October 5 pm in front of the Turku Cathedral
  • Starting point for the Corners of Sacred on Sunday 30 October 10 am in front of the Turku Cathedra
If you want to take part in re-defining the geography of the Sacred and the Evil, take a camera with you. The photos can be published in this blog after the walks.